We are advisors

We make brands more valuable to people, by providing opportunities to connect directly with their consumers. Our entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and client-focused team are dedicated to growing the unique needs of today’s most prominent and beloved brands.


We strive to become trusted advisors to our clients. Our teams and clients work closely together to deliver solutions that solve our clients’ business challenges. We grow relationships with our clients’ customers through in-person meetings, retail presentations, onsite events, and other communication channels.

Our teams of strategists, analysts, advisers, and support specialists collaborate closely to spot and analyze customer needs and trends. In collaboration, we create and implement business plans broadly for all types of businesses.

The team leads the design, planning, and implementation of global vendor programs with cross-functional collaboration among sales leadership, marketing, and business program managers.

face to face approacH?

Create an effective teamwork spirit, collaborative environment and active-learning atmosphere for everyone in the academy. 

Direct and look out for potential clients through direct acquisition service and communication process. 

Reliable transaction between fundraisers and donors as well as adequate information on clients options. 

Get direct, fast and up to date information and news within the academy.

Connect instantly and seamlessly with your audience. We can help!

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